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In 1775, A.L. Breguet did not shy at the opportunity to set the bar exceedingly high for the premiere Swiss watch world. Inventing the tourbillion is only a fraction of the accomplishments he is legendary for. He left reminiscent talents within his descendants who are responsible for the impeccable standard that each assembled piece sees. Desired for their innovative blued hands, coin edged cases, and delicate porcelain dial; many competitors have borrowed their originality by adapting these key elements to their own lines in hope of being accepted in the same regard. Truly astonishing models adorn the line as there is so much to be respected. “Reine de Naples” is elaborately put together it’s no revelation that it was initially presented to The Queen of Naples herself. Many esteemed individuals were devoted clients to the brand; including: Marie Antoinette, Napolean Bonaparte and and Tsar Alexandrer I of Russia just to name a few. Whether it’s enjoying a luminous day on a yacht sporting a marine, or attending the most affluent black tie event with a tradition on your wrist, Breguet accurately identifies the necessary essentials required for each occasion. The brand has been running immaculately in the same motions that exhibit their inevitable accomplishments.

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